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Spitafields EasyBlock™




Spitafields EasyBlock™

Pattern: Brick

Coverage per box: 1,03 m2

Availability: 2-4 days delivery

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Spitafields as its name suggests is a vintage brick found in the old buildings of the Spitafields market in London. The bricks have a stunning appearance with signs of wear and lighter to darker shades of fired red clay. These bricks will provide a tremendous backdrop in an open loft style space creating an urban chic. The warmth created with the natural red colour will create a cosy and inviting environment that can be complemented with sparse large bulky vintage leather sofas. The effect will be most elegant and authentic.

The Spitafields bricks can be installed on an interior or exterior wall. These bricks can also be installed on a fireplace surround and in wet or humid space. The bricks should not be placed on a wall that is in direct contact with water.

These Spitafields bricks have also another particularity. These bricks are provided on a mesh to make the installation even quicker and easier. The brick mesh is glued directly onto a prepared interior or exterior wall. There is no need to position and line up the bricks as this work has already been done! Once the mesh with the bricks has been adhered to the wall, the joints are grouted. This is easily accomplished by filling the grout bag provided with the suggested grout. This new method will further cut the installation time and make it even easier for a do-it-yourselfer to accomplish professional results without the help of a mason.

To remove dust and debris that accumulates over time on your Spitafields brick wall simply use a vacuum cleaner.

Product details

  Packaging Dimensions Thickness Pieces per box Fire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1) M Classification EAN Code
Flat product coverage per box: 1,03 m2, weight: 22,02 kg 46 cm x 34 cm 1.3-1.6 cm 8 plates A1 Incombustible 5945763003446

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Exterior-Interior Adhesive MODULO Old Fashioned Grout MODULO Protection spray
Flat product 5 kg / product box 5 kg / product box 1 bottle / 9 product boxes

Installation process

EasyBlock™ stone cladding interior or exterior installation
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