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Talio EasyBlock™




Talio EasyBlock™

Pattern: Ledgestone

Coverage per box: 0.45 m2

Availability: 14-19 days delivery

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Talio EasyBlock™ is a beautifully irregular robust ledgestone with stunning grey tones. Talio is the perfect choice to connect your interior with your exterior by cladding a connecting interior and exterior wall. The result will be outstanding and the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors will completely blur. The focus on natural elements in the interior has become an essential trend and Talio Blond provides an outstanding natural design element. The texture and the warm tones of the stacked ledgstones will create an impressive backdrop for eclectic retro natural furnishing to create a laid backgrounded atmosphere. Accent lighting will further enhance the appearance of the stones and create a natural focal point in a room.

Although the results are most spectacular, the fitting of the Talio ledgestones is most easy. The Talio ledgestones are packaged in convenient boxes and are provided as interlocking plates. The ledgestones, even if robust in appearance, do not require any additional wall support prior to fitting onto a wall surface. On the interior, the Talio stones can be installed directly onto the plasterboard. To achieve a professional finish and to ensure the longevity of the stone wall, it is strongly recommended to use only the suggested accessories and adhesives and to follow carefully the instructions and step-by-step installation videos provided on our website. On exterior surfaces, the Talio ledgestones are fitted directly onto a cement block wall. To further enhance a corner wall, angle stones are available to be fitted.

The Talio ledgestones are quite versatile and can be used to clad a fireplace surround or in a bathroom to transform the space into a lux eco-retreat.

Product details

  Packaging Dimensions Thickness Pieces per box Fire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1) M Classification EAN Code
Flat product coverage per box: 0.45 m2, weight: 13.5 kg 47 cm x 23.5 cm 3-3.6 cm 4 plates A1 Incombustible 5945763005686

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Exterior-Interior Adhesive
Flat product 2.5 kg / product box

Installation process

Interior or exterior stone cladding installation without grout
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