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Shiny Marble



Quartzite Edna

Shiny Marble

Pattern: Plain

Coverage per box: 0,468 m2

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Shiny Marble White stone veneers add a touch of minimalism to your home, whilst offering a sense of classic timelessness. They’re crafted from genuine stone, which adds depth and texture to any area of the home, both inside and out.

The subtle shine of Shiny Marble White veneers not only enhances the texture of the stone but also reflects the light in your home, which is especially attractive in darker areas. The delicate color palette creates a look that’s both modern and relaxed.

We use the latest technology to create our stone veneer systems, resulting in a finished product that’s easy-to-install, durable and full of visual appeal. Our craftsmen select the best stone to work with, choosing pieces that are full of natural diversity, texture and depth.

The versatility of Shiny Marble White stone veneers means they can be used virtually anywhere in the home or office. Create a stunning feature wall or fireplace in the living room, or an opulent finish in the meeting room to impress your clients. You can even clad your exterior with them, completely transforming the look of your property.

All our stone veneer systems are created with simplicity in mind. Each piece is cut in a ‘z’ shape, which makes them easier to install, and ensures that there are no unsightly gaps or lines. All you need to attach them to the wall is our recommended adhesive. To find out more about using our stone veneers, watch the step-by-step guides on our website.

Product details

  Packaging Dimensions Thickness Pieces per box Fire resistance standard (NF EN 13501-1) M Classification EAN Code
Flat product coverage per box: 0,468 m2, weight: 14,6 kg 40 cm x 10 cm 0.8-1.2 cm 13 plates A1 Incombustible 5945763006478

Supplies and average usage

  MODULO Exterior-Interior Adhesive MODULO Protection spray
Flat product 3 kg / product box 1 bottle / 19 product boxes

Installation process

Interior or exterior stone cladding installation without grout
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